Stretching and exercise combined for full body maintenance



After regular Stretchercise Sessions you will…

…Strengthen and tone your whole body…

…Increase your overall flexibility…

…Reduce those horrible aches and pains…

…Gain plenty more energy…

…Get fit, lose weight, have fun and feel great!

Stretchercise was developed by SoulMo’s, Deb George as she explains in her own words:

“I have recently turned fifty and like many of you out there, I never thought I’d begin a regular fitness routine after many years of inactivity. It was January 2014, I was 49 and wanted to make some big changes in my life, and my health was top of the list. So, with this new found enthusiasm I decided to challenge myself. And, that challenge was to qualify as a fitness instructor, which took me on quite a journey as I’ve experimented with yoga, kettle bells, Zumba, Pound and numerous fitness classes.


Whilst, I have enjoyed them all for different reasons, and some more than others, I was always intrigued as to how beneficial a good stretching routine was to enjoying my exercise session and overall condition. Now stretching is a daily part of my life regardless to whether I do an exercise session or not. What I also noticed, is how this daily practice eases the niggling aches and pains you tend to develop as the years go by, and that flexibility and spring in your step you had as a youth gradually returns.


And that is when the idea struck me, to create a session, where the emphasis was on stretching but in a way that it would compliment all round body exercises. I wanted to combine aspects of yoga, pilates and body toning exercises in one session, which I’ve called ‘Stretchercise’.


One of my goals was to ensure that Stretchercise sessions were all inclusive. By that I mean, it was applicable to both the fit and unfit at the same time. For the person trying to get fit, the routines would be the exercise in itself, for the fit the routines would be a great way to prepare the body for more intense workouts. This means Stretchercise really is for everyone.”

The Benefits of Stretching

Don’t just take my word for it, according to the Mayo Clinic, the top five benefits of stretching include:

Increased flexibility and joint range of motion:

Flexible muscles can improve your daily performance. Tasks such as lifting packages, bending to tie your shoes or hurrying to catch a bus become easier and less tiring. Flexibility tends to diminish as you get older, but you can regain and maintain it.

Improved circulation:

Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. Blood flowing to your muscles brings nourishment and gets rid of waste byproducts in the muscle tissue. Improved circulation can help shorten your recovery time if you’ve had any muscle injuries.

Better posture:

Frequent stretching can help keep your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture. Good posture can minimize discomfort and keep aches and pains at a minimum.

Stress relief:

Stretching relaxes tight, tense muscles that often accompany stress.

Enhanced coordination:

Maintaining the full range-of-motion through your joints keeps you in better balance. Coordination and balance will help keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls, especially as you get older.